Screw Fitting

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Barrel Nipple:

Reduced Socket Nipple:

Elbow 45 F.F.:

Elbow 45 M.F.:

Elbow 90 M.F.:

Reduced Tee:

Hex Hose Nipple:

Hex Bushing:

Reduced Hex Nipple:


Banded Coupling:

Half Coupling:

Reduced Coupling:

Round Cap:

Square Plug:


Hex Cap:

Hex Nut:

Hex Plug:

Union Elbow 90 F.F.:

Union Elbow 90 M.F.:

Nipple Tank:

Union F.F. Conical Seat 3000P:

Round Cap 3000P:

Coupling 3000P:

Hex Nipple 3000P: